4 nights

Itauba package

The package includes transfer by boat and car, excursions with native english speaking guides and full board

Day 1

Pick up 13h00 (or 09h00) – Reception and transfer from airport or hotel in Manaus to Amazon Eco Lodge. The transfer is not just a transfer – it is an interesting excursion in 4 stages:

Stage 1– By car or minibus, from Airport or Hotel in Manaus to the port called Ceasa. It takes 30 minutes.

Stage 2– By speedboat, from Ceasa port to a small river village called Careiro. It takes about 30 minutes to cross the Amazon River. On the way we will pass the meeting of the waters, where Rio Negro and Rio Solimões meets and officially becames the Amazon River. The boat will make a short stop at the meeting of waters to take photos of this phenomenon.

Stage 3 – By car, from Careiro Village to Maçarico Rivero 60 km paved and clay Road. It takes one hour and 15 minutes. Here you will see the wonderful Amazon rainforest landscape and we will also make a stop to see the Water Lilies in a lake near the road.

Stage 4 – By speedboat, through the Maçarico River to Amazon Eco Lodge.This is a nice boatride through various small rivers, flooded forests and typical river landscape. It takes about one 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Arrival at the Amazon Eco Lodge – Welcome drink and then lunch

In the afternoon – In the afternoon – an amazing paddle tour in the nearby flooded forests through igarepes and igapos. You can either paddle by yourselves or let the guide paddel for you. When you paddle throuh the narrow canals you really feel that you are inside the the jungle. This is also a good opportunity to listen to the sounds in the jungle and see birds and monkeys.

Day 2

After breakfast we will leave in small motorised canoes with guides to observe the different geographical areas from the “river point of view. The area around the Amazon Eco Lodge has more than 793 hectors of unspoiled Brazilian primary dense rainforest. We will travel by boat through the rainforests around Juma river and we will see wildlife such as monkey, dolphin, sloth, parrots, macaws, herons, kingfisher, cormorant, ospreys and many other animals. Sometimes the boat driver turns off the engine and we will paddle through the narrow alleys in the flooded rainforests. We will be back at the lodge in time for the delicious lunch.

In the afternoon –  An interesting tour called Visit caboclo – the local people are called caboclo and are descendants from native indians leaving in the areas for centuries. On this tour by motorised canoe you will visit a local family to see how they live and what they do to survive. They will also show us their plantations and how they make the local dishes especially the important manioc. The guide will also show us the variety of local Amazonian fruit trees, as banana, cupuaçu, ingah, tucumã and many others

On the way back to the lodge we will admire the Amazonian sunset and also see an impressing sight of literally hundred kinds of bird species flying back at the same time from all around to their nests in the nearby charmed island.

After dinner – We will make a new tour called Caiman Spotting. Departure around 8 Pm in motorised canoes with guides, looking out for the local alligators, better known as “caimans”. Once spotted, they stay paralysed with the beam of your flashlight, with their eyes glowing right out of the water, allowing your guide to easily locate and capture the caiman with his own bare hands. After a short time of explanation and observation of this fantastic creature, your guide will gently and safely put it back in the water. This tour is not just about catching the caiman – it is about being in a boat in the dark Amazon night listening to the sounds and feeling what it is really like to be in the jungle.

Day 3, 4 and 5

Day 3

Today we will make three tours

Sunrise tour – Early departure, around 5:30 in motorized canoes with guides to admire the Amazonian sunrise. It is a great experience to hear all the sounds in the morning and see the sun rise over the tree tops. See literally thousands of birds leave their nests in the early morning. After that we return to the lodge for breakfast.

Rainforest Trekking tour/ Jungle walk – We leave in motorised canoes with guides until reaching an appropriate area to enter into the rainforest. Our guide will take you for a walk through the rainforest, explaining as much as possible regarding about the flora and fauna, giving strong emphasis in our biodiversity and the Amazon rainforest ecosystem. He will also show medicinal plants and how the Indians used to to cure diseases.

Piranha tour – In the afternoon we will go fishing piranha – the legendary fish with lots of small sharp teeth. There are lots of fish in the Juma river. Species like tucunaré (peacock bass), pirarucu (Hugh arapaima) and tambaqui are hard to catch. There are five kind of piranha fishes in the area. Piranha is said to be the easiest fish to catch. You only need a hook and some meet. When you put the hook in the water you will soon feel the piranha eating your bait. It is great sitting in a boat in the Amazon jungle watching the wildlife and listening to all the sounds. Our guide will show you how to prepare and roast your catch so you can taste at the evening dinner.

Day 4

We will leave after breakfast and stay the whole day in the marvelous rainforest. We leave in motorized canoes and make interesting stops at various places and we will also visit the Mamori river. We will also visit a different bioversity of the lowland rainforest, most known as Varsea – areas close to the river that are flooded in the raining season. If you are interested, we can try to catch our own fish and then cock it over open fire, or if you prefer, we bring our own lunch and eat it on the river bank. Or if you prefer, we can have a lunch at a local family. It is also possible to visit a local school
Lunch will be on the river shore or at a family home according to your desire.
We continue the boat ride in the afternoon, and we will be back at the lodge for dinner.

Day 5

After breakfast, we return back to Manaus. The same interesting way back to Manaus as going to the lodge. Drop off at the airport or at a hotel in the city.

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What is Included

Transfers from Manaus to Amazon Eco Lodge and from Amazon Eco Lodge to Manaus, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, excursions and activities according to program mentioned above with native English-speaking guides.


What is not Included



Prices per person

Single Superior: 1380 USD
Double room Superior: 860 USD
Triple Superior: 810 USD
Quad room Superior: 770 USD