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Canoing in the Amazon

Probably the best way to discover the Amazon is from a canoe. It is really a great adventure because you never know what you will see when you are in the rainforest. Silently the canoe is moving forward so you will not disturb the animals. This means you will hear all the sounds from the jungle and see a lot more than on a normal tour. Moreover, it is fun to paddle in te Amazon and good exercise.

At Amazon Lodge there are six old fashioned Indian style dugout canoes all of them with paddles made of local trees. We recommend using lifejacket and bring lots of water. Don´t forget to bring a sun hat and suntan lotion since the sun is strong close to the equator.

The area around the lodge is perfect for paddling. There are 793 hectares of unspoiled rainforest and there are lots of small rivers and canals in various directions for the paddle tours all year round. It is easy to get lost in the labyrinths of the rainforest so there will always be a local guide with you. The most interesting place for paddling is through the flooded forests.

The Amazon Eco Lodge canoe program is designed for active travelers. No canoeing experience is required because it is easy to learn. Everyone receives an introduction to paddling techniques and safety before paddling in the rainforest.

Since it is a floating lodge it is possible to paddle all year round. The water level varies a lot during the year. The months with less water are normally October and November. It is still possible to paddle but there will be less flooded forest to paddle through.

The paddling always starts and ends at the lodge. On day 2 and day 3 you will have five hours of paddling. Normally you have siesta after lunch and don´t paddle between 12.00 and 15.00 because it is normally very hot.

Most of the paddling are made on what is locally known as igarapé. These igarapés are small canals often under the trees inside the rainforest and the water level is very low. The color of the water level is often black as the water from Rio Negro. This is a great place to paddle because when you float under the trees you will not disturb the animals and will also hear all the noises of the jungle.

The 4days/3nights program starts with a spectacular transfer from Manaus to the lodge including two boat rides.

Our program offers a well-balanced mix of activities. Paddling is combined with jungle hikes, bird watching, night excursions and relaxing

Day 1

Pick up 13h00 (or 09h00) – Reception and transfer from airport or hotel in Manaus to Amazon Eco Lodge. The transfer is not just a transfer – it is an interesting excursion in 4 stages.

Arrival at the Amazon Eco Lodge – Welcome drink and then dinner.
If you prefer to have the early pick up at 09h00 you will have a lunch upon arrival and an excursion in the afternoon.

Stage 1– By car or minibus, from Airport or Hotel in Manaus to the port called Ceasa. It takes 30 minutes.

Stage 2– By speedboat, from Ceasa port to a small river village called Careiro. It takes about 30 minutes to cross the Amazon River. On the way we will pass the meeting of the waters, where Rio Negro and Rio Solimões meets and officially becames the Amazon River. The boat will make a short stop at the meeting of waters to take photos of this phenomenon.

Stage 3 – By car, from Careiro Village to Maçarico Rivero 60 km paved and clay Road. It takes one hour and 15 minutes. Here you will see the wonderful Amazon rainforest landscape and we will also make a stop to see the Water Lilies in a lake near the road.

Stage 4 – By speedboat, through the Maçarico River to Amazon Eco Lodge.This is a nice boatride through various small rivers, flooded forests and typical river landscape. It takes about one 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Arrival at the Amazon Eco Lodge – Welcome drink and then lunch

In the afternoon – In the afternoon – an amazing paddle tour in the nearby flooded forests through igarepes and igapos. You can either paddle by yourselves or let the guide paddel for you. When you paddle throuh the narrow canals you really feel that you are inside the the jungle. This is also a good opportunity to listen to the sounds in the jungle and see birds and monkeys.

Canoeing | Amazonas Eco Lodge

Day 2

Day 2

After breakfast, your guide will give you an introduction to paddling techniques and safety before you start paddling in the rainforest.  Then we start a long morning paddling tour into the flooded forests for a tour inside the rainforests on the small igarapes (canals).  You will have a great time and a chance to see the amazing wildlife of the Amazon, and hopefully see lots of monkeys, birds, snakes, sloths and whatever the jungle brings.

In the afternoon we paddle further away and make a stop to visit a local family to see how the live and what they produce. After that we continue to a good place to see both the grey and the pink the dolphins.

After dinner – we will paddle in the dark to see our local guide catch an alligator, better known as “caimans”. Once spotted, they stay paralyzed with the beam of your flashlight, with their eyes glowing right out of the water, allowing your guide to easily locate and capture the caiman with his own bare hands. After a short time of explanation and observation of this fantastic creature, your guide will gently and safely put it back in the water. This tour is not just about catching the caiman – it is about being in a boat in the dark Amazon night listening to the sounds and feeling what it is really like to be in the jungle.

Let´s do as the local indians –  sing when your paddle!
A natureza agradece  (the nature is thankful)
o boto emagrece  The dolphin gets thinner)
a trilha desaparece  (the trail disappears)
e a piranha o dente cresce  (the tooth of the piraya grows)
Lindo o que acontece  (it is beautiful what happens)

Day 3

Day 3

Sunrise tour and Birdwatching

We get up early (5 am) to observe birds and watch the sunrise in the jungle. We paddle into the flooded forests and have a great opportunity to nearby watch the jungle wake up.  There lots of sounds from all the birds waking up and of course from the many howler monkeys in the area. Then we paddle back to the lodge for breakfast

After breakfast we paddle inside the dense jungle to place where we get can off our canoes and make a short jungle walk.

 In the afternoon we paddle again. The area is big and there are so many unique and beautiful places inside the reserve to discover. If our are intereste in fishing we will find a good place to fish some piraya fishes before we return to the lodge.

 Day 4

After breakfast – we return back to Manaus. The same interesting way back to Manaus as going to the lodge. Drop off at the airport or at a hotel in the city.

important information


What is Included

Transfers from Manaus to Amazon Eco Lodge and from Amazon Eco Lodge to Manaus, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, excursions and activities according to program mentioned above with native English-speaking guides.


What is not Included



Prices per person

Minimum two persons

Double room Superior: 720 USD
Triple Superior: 675 USD
Quad room Superior: 630 USD