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First rainforest hotel built in The Amazon

Amazon Eco Lodge is the perfect place to experience the real rainforest.

Amazon Eco lodge is located on the southbank of the Amazon River, on the Parana do Mamori River system, upstream from Rio Juma. It is located within Amazon Eco lodge private Reserve (793 hectares of untouched primary rainforest) and protected since 1984, it is really the ideal spot for your special and unique Amazon adventure.

Getting there

Amazon Eco Lodge is located on the small river Juma

80 km from Manaus on a straight line. It is necessary to travel a far away from the big city to get the feeling of the real jungle.  It takes between three and four hours to travel  to the lodge but this is not just an ordinary transfer – this is the beginning of the adventure and a very nice tour with two boat rides and passing the famous meeting of waters where Rio Negro (the black river) meets Rio Solimoes (the brown river) without mixing the waters between them.  As soon as you arrive to the other side of the big Amazon river  you feel that this is another world and the adventure begins.

Pick up time

You can choose between pick up 09.00 or 13.00. The transfer is included in the package

We pick you up at the airport or at a hotel in Manaus and after your days in the jungle we will deliver you to the airport or a hotel in Manaus.  We recommend that you only bring what you need in the jungle to the lodge. Main luggage can be stored safely in our office in Manaus.

Why Amazon Eco Lodge

We are deep inside the amazon rainforest

Amazon Eco Lodge is located far away into the rainforest. The more distant you spend your holiday away from Manaus, the more Wildlife and untouched Rainforest you will find! 
Moreover, Amazon Eco lodge is located in a private reserve of 790 hectares primary rainforest. The best thing of all – there are no roads so it can only be reached by boat or plane landing on the water. This is really unspoiled rainforest.  Please note that there is no telephone signal or internet so the only thing that will disturb are the sounds from the jungle like howler monkeys. Especially in the morning you can hear the howler monkeys.  Around the lodge you can sometimes also see tucans and other birds and of course fishes jumping in the water and dolphins.

Amazon Eco Lodge is a floating lodge

This means that you can visit the lodge all year round. It is always easy and close to get into the boat for the excursions. The difference between the high-water level and the low water level in the area is between 14 and 22 meters. 

How long time should I stay

We recommend at least three nights. You can choose between Jatoba the two-night package, Sapopema the three-night package and Itauba the four-night package.  For those who really want an adventure we have a five-night package where you sleep three nights out in the jungle.

What you can expect

a rustic floating lodge

Since 1980 the Amazon Eco Lodge is a small rustic and very comfortable floating lodge. There is a nice swimming deck where you can sit down, relax, have drink and of course take a swim in the warm black river water.  The lodge is surrounded by lots of wildlife. It is magic to sit down in the sunrise and listen to all the different sounds as the jungle awakens. Especially howler monkeys are usually heard in the mornings. At the Amazon Lodge it is practically guaranteed to see the Pink Dolphins.

The water is black and acid, which means that there are not many mosquitos because they don´t like the acid water. All rooms have mosquito nets and a fan.

Please feel free during your leisure time to use our wooden dugout canoes for one or two people and paddle along the river, lakes and flooded woodland.

Don´t miss the opportunity to swim in the warm black water around the lodge

There are plenty of hammocks for relaxing between the tours.

The lodge is well known for the delicious food mostly made of regional fish, poultry, meat and many local fruits. Lunch and dinner is served buffet style and you can always choose between two different meals, salads and there is always a gorgeous local dessert and coffee served after all meals.

Amazon Eco Lodge is an authentic jungle Lodge. There is no electricity during the day. Of course, the electricity is available when it is dark between from 18:00h to 06:00h by 110 V generator. Alternative sources of energy are also being used.

Reception and bar – with comfortable sofas, hammocks and chairs, ideal to relax before and after the tours, to have a conversation with newly met friends, accompanied by regional, national and international refreshing drinks. Restaurant located in the central module on the first floor, right on top of the reception and bar. Beautiful scenery from the restaurant top of the surroundings of the Amazon Eco Lodge. The roof being of typical regional architecture – rustic and completely protected by screens against mosquitos and any other light attracted bugs, adding to a great atmosphere in order for you to enjoy the delicious regional kitchen.

It is possible to swim in the river around the lodge.

The recreational area – consisting of a square floating deck, from where you can jump into the lake for a refreshing swim, to sunbathe, to read and to relax with nature itself.

There is no hot water (only naturally heated) in which the water temperature is usually between 26-32° Celsius throughout the whole year.
For well-being and security, as well as suitability with environmental standards, the Amazon Eco Lodge has a health and hydraulic system that is all pumped for a septic tank on land 300 meters from the Hotel.


Excursions and tours are held by our native caboclo guides born in the Amazon. Most of them have learned English by their own.

Our roomtypes

12 Double rooms,each with 2 single beds and private bath.
3 Triple rooms,each with 3 single beds and private bath.
2 Quadruplerooms,each with 4 single beds and private bath.

In total, the lodge has 16 rooms

When you want to book Amazon Eco Lodge, contact us directly or one of our partners below:

When you want to book Amazon Eco Lodge, contact us directly or one of our partners below: