Paddle in the rainforest

When you visit the Amazon Eco Lodge there are a full program of excursions included, but there is still time to relax and enjoy the lodge and the surrounding areas for yourself.

At Amazon Eco Lodge there are six smaller canoes built in wood, that you can use for free between the excursions. We are proud of our traditional handcrafted canoes. Most lodges are only offering modern kayaks, but at Amazon Eco Lodge you get an opportunity to experience a traditional canoe. 

We highly recommend taking one of our canoes for a paddle into the flooded forests. Our local guide is happy to accompany you, but it is also perfectly safe to paddle by yourself.

It is a wonderful feeling to slip in between the trees. When you quietly slide trough the water, you are greeted by a lovely backdrop of all sorts of sounds. You will spot all kinds of birds and there is a good chance that you will meet monkeys and caimans on your excursion.

There are canoes to borrow all year round at Amazon Eco Lodge but the best time to paddle is from February to August.