Amazon Eco lodge

visit the real rainforest

Visit Amazon Eco Lodge located 80 km from Manaus in a 790 hectar unspoild rainforest.  This is the place to experience the real rainforest.  Amazon Eco Lodge is a floating lodge, that is why it operates all months, independent of seasons.

We are a Covid-19 certified property. You can access the protocol by clicking on the certificate badge.

You can book our 3, 4 and 5 day packages online. For other requests please contact us.

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An Amazing rainforest experience

The Amazon Eco Lodge is a floating jungle hotel located in the middle of the jungle in Amazonas, Brazil.

Since 1980 the Amazon Eco Lodge is a small rustic and very comfortable floating lodge. There is a nice swimming deck where you can sit down, relax, have drink and of course take a swim in the warm black river water.  The lodge is surrounded by lots of wildlife. It is magic to sit down in the sunrise and listen to all the different sounds as the jungle awakens. Especially howler monkeys are usually heard in the mornings.  

Amazon Eco Lodge is classified as “Standard Ecological Lodge” by the Brazilian Official Tourism Bureau- EMBRATUR.

Amazonas tours and excursions

Excursions and tours are held by our native caboclo guides born in the Amazon. Most of them have learned English by their own.

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Which package Is The Perfect Choice for you?


Sapopema package

3 night/4 day package, enough to get a feel for the rainforest.


Itauba package

4 night/5 day package, here you also get to see how the native indians live.


Safari package

5 night/6 day package, includes overnight stay in the rainforest.


Canoing package

3 night/4 day package, where you discover the Amazon from a canoe.

what our clients say about us

Ocelot filmed at Amazon Ecolodge

Meeting with an ocelot

One of the most exciting encounters is a meeting with the sleek and beautiful Ozelot.
One of our customers shared his video of this vild cat near Amazon Lodge.

Paddle in the rainforest

At Amazon Eco Lodge there are six smaller canoes built in wood. We highly recommend taking one of our canoes for a paddle into the flooded forests.

Amazon Eco lodge Inside and out